Special services of Germany suspected “mole” of Wikileaks, in stealing papers from the Bundestag

According to the edition of the Tagesschau, with reference to the publication Spiegel, investigators, investigator, who gave Wikileaks classified information from the Committee of the German Parliament, came to the conclusion that the involvement of Russian hackers for this crime is unlikely. According to them, sitting in the Bundestag secret agent (“mole”) of Wikileaks, who stole documents and handed them to the website.

In addition, the investigators indicated that there was no evidence that the documents could be stolen at the moment of a hacker attack.

Earlier it was reported that the securities had access to only the employees of the Bundestag, which had to do with investigation around the relations of Agency to U.S. national security and intelligence service of Germany.

Last weekend, the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine published an article in which a senior source in the security services called it the Russian hackers involved in the theft of more than 2,400 classified documents. He claimed that Wikileaks got the documents, which at the time of a cyber attack in the spring of 2015 was kept on the website of the Bundestag.

Stolen from the German Parliament, the documents were published by Wikileaks on 1 December. It was about the secret agreements between the NSA and BND, which became the subject of an investigation of the Bundestag.