Putin ordered to strengthen the security of Russian institutions abroad

President Vladimir Putin ordered intelligence agencies to strengthen cooperation with colleagues from other countries for safety. The President announced at the concert on the occasion of the day of state security bodies, reports TASS.

“I ask the intelligence agencies to take additional measures to ensure security inside Russia and outside, to improve the security of Russian diplomatic missions and their staff. And I ask you to partner channels to strengthen work with the special services of other States”, — said the head of state.

The President also instructed the National anti-terrorist Committee and the state security organs “to save the limiting concentration and engagement”. “We must continue to clearly and correctly act on all counter-terrorism fields. Among them — the neutralization of the militants and their leaders, preventing terrorist crimes and suppression of channels of financing of terrorism”, — said Putin.

The President also urged to give serious attention to combating extremism. “We need to aggressively combat the propaganda of xenophobia and nationalism, including in social networks, not to allow to pull to the radical group the youth. Such an attempt is a real threat to the stability of our multi-ethnic society”, — said the President.

The wound that Moscow is taking all necessary measures to ensure the security of its foreign missions, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

On December 19 in Turkey was killed by Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov. A former police officer mevlüt Altıntaş shot him several times at the opening of the exhibition in the modern art Center in Ankara. The foreign Ministry, the attack was qualified as a terrorist attack. Also admitted killing the terrorist attack the UN security Council. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the purpose of those who planned the attack was to disrupt the process of normalization of relations between Russia and Turkey.