The transport Ministry has denied the suspension of air links with Tajikistan as of December 22,

The transport Ministry has denied the information on the suspension of air links with Tajikistan from December 22, reported the press Secretary of the Ministry Timur Khikmatov.

“At the moment negotiations are continuing. Flights have not been suspended,” he explained.

Earlier Wednesday, the “RIA Novosti” with reference to the Ministry of transport announced the suspension of flights between the two countries since December 22 due to the failure of the Ministry of transport of Tajikistan to grant permission to performance of flights of airline “Yamal” from the airport Zhukovsky in Dushanbe in the winter season the period of 2016-2017 years. The airline was supposed to fly on flights “Zhukovskiy”, Dushanbe “Zhukovsky” — Khujand.

“From 00 hours 22 December, the Russian side reserves the right to stop air traffic between the two countries, if the Tajik side is not going to follow the undertaken obligations”, — said the Ministry of transport.

The airline “Ural airlines” began to use these lines in November 2016. “However, when the second Russian designated in these lines of airline “Yamal” I wanted to implement the rights granted to him, the Tajik side was a question of “parity” — said the Russian Ministry. Under the agreement, the Russian Federation there are two areas in which there are restrictions: it is Moscow — Dushanbe, 14 flights per week for each of the parties, as well as Moscow — Kurgan-tube for 7 flights per week for each of the parties, said the Ministry of transport. In these areas it is possible to speak about the conventional “par”, in other directions no restrictions on the number of appointed carriers and flight frequencies not summed up in the Ministry.

The dispute between Russia and Tajikistan on the implementation of the flights lasts from Nov. The cause of the conflict is the refusal Dushanbe to agree on the appointment of Russian airlines flying from Zhukovsky.

The Tajik authorities have substantiated its position that the work of the new airport near Moscow will lead to a unilateral increase in Russia the number of carriers and frequency of flights between Moscow, Dushanbe and Khujand. Russia believes that Tajikistan is violating the intergovernmental agreement on air communication.

However, on 7 November, the parties agreed to continue air service. Moscow stressed that the flights of Russian airlines from Zhukovsky agreed.” According to the agreement, who leads the Ministry of transport, Dushanbe has accepted the appointment of the Russian companies on the lines of Zhukovskiy — Dushanbe and Zhukovsky — Khujand. At the time of the negotiations with the carriers from the Russian side became company “Ural airlines” and “Yamal”.