CB several times refused Tatfondbank funding

Tatfondbank addressed to the Bank of Russia for obtaining funding under provision 312-P (“On the procedure of granting by the Bank of Russia to credit institutions loans secured with assets or guarantees”), but was refused, told some sources in Bank circles. According to them, the Bank tried to obtain funds from the regulator for loans first and second (high) quality, thus including to replace funds abstract to resolve the situation with the bonds of troubled Bank “Peresvet”.

From November Tatfondbank appealed to the Central Bank for financing the provision 312-P several times. However, he tried to roll over previously secured by the loan portfolio loans, and to lay a new portfolio for funds. Neither result is given, said one of the sources. Overall, the Bank claimed to be 9-10 billion rubles of funds, he added. “Access to your money on 312-P the lender of last resort — the Central Bank — the Bank was closed. The lack of liquidity amid the panic of Bank clients has significantly exacerbated the situation,” — said the source .

At present, Tatfondbank has a temporary administration, checking his financial condition. According to the results of its work will be decided about the future of the Bank. The Bank of Russia 15 Dec imposed a moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors of Tatfondbank for a period of three months. As told earlier sources , considered several scenarios. The allocation of funds from the Central Bank was possible only with investments in the rehabilitation of the Bank by the authorities of Tatarstan, the main shareholder of Tatfondbank. The reorganization of the forces of another controlled by the Tatar authorities of the Bank “AK bars” also raised questions from the point of view of compliance with legal formalities. Other options — sanitization non-Bank, state-controlled structure, forces creditors or revocation of license. The decision is still pending.

How objective was the Bank of Russia, denying Tatfondbank in obtaining financing for loans without knowing the details of their quality and the reasons for decisions of the Central Bank, could not be assessed (according to the official review of the regulator claimed the banks the quality of loans may differ from real). Attempts to raise funds, according to sources , made repeatedly, but to no avail. In the end from the beginning, the debt of the Bank for 312-P has decreased from 12 billion to 4 billion rubles, said one of the sources . “Several times was admitted assets, referring to internal procedures,” — said the Agency interlocutor. To attract funds of natural persons at the request of the regulator Tatfondbank in recent months and they could not.

Other means of replenishment of liquidity of the Bank in the last months of the year, in fact, were not, says S&P analyst Anastasia turdyeva. As of 1 December, on correspondent accounts in the Central Bank, the Bank had a very small amount — about 23 million rubles. “the outflow of funds in the first week of December was about 8 billion rubles, and highly liquid assets on December 1, the Bank had only 2.5 billion rubles,” — said Turdieva. Because of the decline of confidence in the medium-sized banks in the interbank market in the autumn, and with a fairly strong outflow of funds to the Bank is almost impossible to raise funds in the interbank market. “The sum of 10 billion rubles would not be enough to fill the entire missing amount of liquidity. However, they could be enough for the first few days when only began outflows of client funds. At least the deposits Tatfondbank could be calculated more quickly, and customer excitement on this scale could not be”, — says the analyst of PSB Dmitry Monastyrshin.

One of the sources also added that the regulator could refuse Tatfondbank after the receipt of collateral when funding is Russtroybank under provision 312-P wrote, after the revocation of Russtroybank in December 2015 collateral on its loan agreements the network of gas stations “the Track” at 1 billion rubles is transferred to the controller.

The Central Bank declined to comment on the conditions of receiving the funding position 312-P.

With the participation of Igor Orlov