Media reported confidence trump the US victory in the “race of arms”

As told hosts of the show “Morning Joe” on MSNBC TV that the US President-elect Donald trump in response to the request leading to clarify its stance on nuclear weapons stated that he was not against the “arms race”. About Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough said on air his program.

According to leading shows, trump during the off-air phone conversation with Myka said, “Let this be an arms race. We’ll beat them at every turn and will survive them all.” About the same, but without specifying that this conversation took place between trump and TV presenter on the phone and off the air on MSNBC later reported by Reuters.

The representative of the national Committee of the Republican party, Sean Spicer, who is Donald trump chose the next press Secretary of the White house, told Reuters that other countries should keep in mind that trump “won’t let them destroy the United States”. In addition, Spicer said that “the arms race will not” because other countries “come to their senses,” adds Reuters.

A day earlier, Donald trump wrote in his Twitter that the United States needs to strengthen and expand its nuclear capacity as long as the world will not change their attitude towards these weapons. Later, the trump representative Jason Miller explained that the President-elect was referring to the threat of nuclear proliferation and the need to prevent it, including among terrorist organizations.

For Vladimir Putin was not a surprise Twitter posts elected President of Donald trump that the U.S. should develop its own nuclear capability. According to him, these statements are in the pre-election statements trump. Putin said that Russia is forced to develop your “shock weapons” from that moment in 2001, America unilaterally withdrew from the anti-ballistic missile Treaty, and said that today the Russian nuclear triad is much more effective American missile defense system deployed in Europe.