The Ministry of health decided not to dismiss a family dynasty of doctors

The health Ministry asked the government to change the law prohibiting doctors to hire their relatives and in-laws. The Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova told journalists on December 23. “Can be, don’t just indiscriminately this rule is extended to all relatives. And to speak about the impossibility of filling positions associated with the administrative, managerial function, it should not be a procurement, personnel policy and other management functionality”, — said Skvortsova.

On 9 December the Ministry of health sent to the heads of subordinate organizations the letter about to fire his relatives and in-laws. The document was signed by state Secretary — Deputy Minister Vladimir Kostennikov. A copy is available .

The Agency relied on the ban of the government, which operates on the basis of the law “On combating corruption”: relatives can’t work in some organizations, if one of them is subordinate to another. The heads of Federal hospitals had to comply with the Ministry of health until December 16. Otherwise, they were threatened with dismissal for loss of confidence.

Skvortsova confirmed sending the letter but indicated that it was informational.

In some organizations, the requirements of the Ministry of health has performed, revealed on 20 December edition of the Vademecum. Of the Russian cardiology research and production complex took Olga Chazov, the daughter of the acting Director Irina Chasovoy. State research center of Dermatovenereology and cosmetology, retired Deputy Director on scientific work Alexey Kubanov, the son of the head of the center Anna Kubanova.

The measure, which is applied in early December, the Ministry of health, is extreme, says a doctor-Olga Demicheva. Nepotism should be monitored by medical associations and trade unions, she believes. Otherwise you can get hurt really good people who are “unlucky” with famous parents.

In the resolution, which says the Ministry of health, Ministry of labor planned changes in October 2016, said Secretary of Central Committee of trade Union of workers of health of Russia Marina Krasnoroutskaya. This project is posted on the website disclosure of legal information. The document should allow the relatives, one of which is subordinate to another, work in the same organization, if it applies to the areas of science, education, health, culture and social protection. This right after they get the permission of the head of the relevant Department.

Requirements of the Ministry of health, which he sent in early December, applied only to the Federal medical institutions. City and regional hospitals and clinics should not have to follow the instructions of the Department.