Media reported about the plans of ISIS to carry out attacks in the UK

The commanders of the “Islamic state” (LIH, an organization banned in Russia) in Syria cooperated with the jihadists, who were planning attacks in the UK this year, writes The Guardian, citing investigators in counter-terrorism.

The intention of the terrorists, according to the newspaper, was “to add Britain to the list of Western countries that were attacked in the last 12 months.” The attack in the next, 2017, “is still considered likely, and remains at a high level terrorist threat.”

“There is a conclusion that it [the threat. —] will not cease in 2017. People don’t believe that will be better,” the source told the newspaper.

As writes The Guardian, citing investigators, Abdelhamid, who is considered the organizer of the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, as well as a number of other attacks, sent their fellow terrorists in the cities of Britain to plan attacks. In particular, the publication cites the example of Mohamed Abrin, who had visited various places in Britain in 2015 — in particular, shopping centres in Birmingham and the stadium in Manchester. He was arrested in March and during interrogation stated that he had traveled to Britain to collect money.

In General, over the last 30 months — since the beginning of the growth of ISIS, according to the newspaper, Britain was prepared and attempts were stopped 11 terrorist attacks. In 2016, however, according to authorities, was foiled four attempted attacks. Some of them are characterized by “direct military engagement of ISIS in Syria, who communicated with the terrorists, who tried to organize an attack in the UK.”

More than 850 Britons, according to The Guardian, allegedly went to Syria after the announcement of the ISIS Caliphate in 2014. About 15% were killed abroad, mostly fighting on the side of terrorist groups. But 350 remain abroad.

23 December, police in Australia announced the arrest of seven people who allegedly planned to perform in the Christmas series of attacks in the second largest city of Melbourne. They were inspired by ISIS, the police, and intended attacks on various points in the city centre.

Saturday, December 24, it became known that the FBI and homeland security sent to law enforcement agencies and private security companies document warning of possible attacks by supporters is downloading.

19 Dec truck crashed into a crowd at a Christmas market in Central Berlin. 12 people were killed, another 48 injured. Angela Merkel called the incident a terrorist attack. The responsibility for it claimed “Islamic state”.