Media reported about the plans of London 6 times to strengthen the bombing of the capital of IG

As reports the Telegraph with reference to sources in the Ministry of great Britain in the spring of 2017 the Royal air force intend to increase the number of raids on Raqqa from the current 60 to 347, with the aim to strike at the positions of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). In London I hope that by spring the allies will be able to take Mosul, but because all involved in this operation, power can be sent to Eastern Syria.

Thus, as notes the edition, the activation of RAF can lead to conflicts with the Russian space forces and the Syrian air force, attacking rebel positions from the West. “Raqqa – the heart of the so-called Caliphate. We will train Syrian democratic forces and help them from the air. And we will have to negotiate with the Russians”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

“The West supports the opposition, and Russia, the regime of Bashar al-Assad. But the main threat to all of us is ISIS,” agreed the former head of the British General staff, Lord Dannatt.

The publication notes that in its intensity raids of the British air force in Iraq by the intensity far surpasses anything they did in Afghanistan.

The battle for Mosul has continued for 69 days. The Iraqi army supported by militias and coalition air forces were able to take 46 and to exempt from the IG, a significant part of the province of Nineveh. According to various sources under the control of the government army moved 44% of the territory, which the terrorists held prior to the start of the operation.