Obama’s adviser said China posed a greater threat to US in comparison with Russia

China provides a major threat to US security than Russia. This opinion was expressed in an interview to Al Jazeera, Deputy assistant to President Barack Obama’s national security and strategic communications Ben Rhodes.

In his opinion, if to speak about long term global stability, “China is a much more powerful country and is a much more serious rival to the United States than Russia.”

“Russia is the immediate threat to international order and stability in the world,” said Mr. Rhodes, speaking of the immediate geopolitical future.

Rhodes is working with U.S. President Barack Obama since 2007. Then he was his speechwriter. After Obama’s victory in the presidential election he was an important man in the formation of US foreign policy, indicates the channel. “Some believe that he [Rhodes] did not think, what decision to take the President [Barack Obama], he thinks like the President,” reports Al Jazeera.

Earlier this week, the publication Foreign Policy, citing the sources said that the threat from Russia is not among the priorities of the military for command, elected President of the USA of Donald trump. In the list, which, according to the publication, received the Deputy Minister of defense Brian McKeon from the representative transition team, mentioned the threat from the “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and prohibited in Russia). In addition, the priority of the trump in matters of defense is strengthening the combat readiness of the U.S. army, opposition cyberball, as well as more effective work inside the Pentagon.

During the meetings between the representatives of trump and the US Department of defense mentioned the topic of China and the DPRK. The Deputy head of the press service of the Pentagon Gordon Trowbridge said the military provided the transition team with information on Russia, however, placed priorities — the case of the new US administration.