Media reported about the cyber attack by Russian hackers on the OSCE

The information that the OSCE had been hacked, confirmed to Reuters by the official representative of the organization. “Had committed the attack. We found this out at the beginning of November,” she said, noting that a computer system of the OSCE “security now”, and staff have received “a completely new security and passwords”.

Earlier that OSCE has been a security breach, reported the French newspaper Le Monde. An unnamed source in the Western intelligence told the publication that a cyber attack was committed “dealing with Russian cyber-espionage group APT28”, also known as Pawn Storm and Fancy Bear. The interlocutor of the edition emphasized that it is this group that has hacked computer systems of the US Democratic party during the presidential campaign.

The official representative of the OSCE told Reuters that the organization is aware of “speculation” about the involvement of APT28 to attack. “However, we have no facilities to investigate and we don’t want to speculate on this subject,” she said.

Previously, the organization APT28 has been repeatedly mentioned in connection with cyber attacks. Bloomberg claimed that the band’s name stands for the Advanced Persistent Threat 28 (APT28).

In particular, APT28 was accused of trying to obtain information about the negotiations, the U.S. and its allies on sanctions. In may APT28 suspected of organizing cyber attacks on banks. Another group with a similar name — APT29, which is also considered a Russian, previously attributed to the penetration of computer networks at the White house and state Department.

In June this year, The Washington Post, citing sources in the national Democratic Committee and experts on computer security, wrote that the computer network of the Democrats hacked the hackers associated with the Russian government. The publication reported that to resolve the problem company was invited to CrowdStrike, whose founder Dmitri Alperovich told the newspaper that the cyber attack involved two groups — Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear. Alperovich also claimed that Fancy Beat working for the GRU.