Shoigu announced the beginning of compensation payments to the families of the victims of the crash of Tu-154

Wednesday, December 28, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu speech at the meeting of the Public Council under the defense Ministry. According to the Minister, payments of financial assistance in the amount of 5.8 million rubles to the families of those killed in the crash of Tu-154 over the Black sea will begin on Wednesday.

“It is important for us. Your support, and that is a grief, trouble for the family not only became their trouble. They feel our support. We not only discuss it, but, of course, do. Today everything will start paying for all the families of the victims”, — the words Shoigu, the press service of the defense Ministry.

He noted that the defense Department is working with the families of those killed in the plane crash. “We are talking about the fate of children, wives, on housing conditions. All this we regard, of course. Part of the decisions already announced, some decisions and proposals are under consideration”, — said the head of the defense Ministry.

Previously, the insurance company SOGAZ started receiving documents from the relatives of the victims of the plane crash over the Black sea. Military families can count on 7.8 million rubles, civil, who were the majority among the victims of the crash, and for a maximum of 3 million rubles.

Among the 92 people aboard the Tu-154 that crashed over the Black sea, 64 were members of the ensemble. Aleksandrova. According to sources , in the liner were the main singers of the band.

The competition for the new recruitment to the Academic song and dance ensemble of the Russian army. A. V. Alexandrov will start after the New year, said Shoigu. “As it always was, there were selected and got the best, and I think it will,” the Minister said. According to him, the defense Ministry will make every effort “not to lose a high rank and high recognition in the society of the ensemble. A. V. Alexandrov, his services to the country, to increase and develop”.

The Tu-154 belonging to the Russian defense Ministry crashed in the morning, December 25, after takeoff from Adler airport. The aircraft disappeared from radar screens in the second minute of flight. Later, it became clear that the plane crashed into the Black sea near Sochi. On Board were 92 people: soldiers, artists of the Ensemble. Alexandrov, journalists, and the head of the Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka. The Board was sent to Syria. In the media there was a version of the crash of Tu-154 due to the “undeployed flap”.