The Consulate General called the name of the deceased in the terrorist attack in Istanbul Russians

The attack in the night club Reina in Istanbul, which occurred on the night of 1 January, killing a Russian citizen Nurana Hasanova was born in 1988. This was told at the Consulate General of Russia in Turkey.

“Relatives Hasanova arrived in Istanbul to pass the identification procedure. We are in contact with them in the morning. Tonight the body of the deceased will be sent to Azerbaijan, where she lived in recent times,” said the Consulate General.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Turkey confirmed reports by Turkish media that among the victims of the terrorist attack on a nightclub turned out to be a Russian. Then the Russian diplomats explained that it was about a girl who initially was considered a citizen of Azerbaijan.

The attack on the night club Reina in the heart of Istanbul Ortakoy occurred on January 1 at 1:15 local time (00:15 GMT). An armed man with a Kalashnikov assault rifle shot and killed a security guard of an institution, broke into the room, where at that time there were more than 700 people and opened fire on the visitors. The attack killed 39 people, including 16 foreigners, another 69 people were injured.

The Turkish authorities have called the incident a terrorist attack. Responsible for the incident was claimed by the militants of banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”. Currently, law enforcement agencies continue the search for the organizer of the attack. According to preliminary data, it can be a citizen of Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan, which is linked to ISIS.