The plane sent from the US, Russian diplomats arrived in Moscow

Plane special flight detachment “Russia” employees of the Russian dipuchrezhdeniya, deported from the United States, landed in Moscow, the correspondent of TASS.

The special Board for Russian diplomats arrived in Washington yesterday evening Moscow time, and departed, as reported in the press service of the Russian Embassy in the United States, at 9:30 local time (17:30 GMT).

“No problems and no accidents. Employees of the Russian diplomatic missions have safely left the country. The only on Board there are five sick children (flu). Before takeoff the captain announced that all the children are invited to Moscow to the Kremlin Christmas tree”, — noted in press service.

The US state Department on 29 December declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats. They were accused that they had acted “not in accordance with their diplomatic or consular status.”

In the U.S. the Ministry said that measures had been taken in response to “Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections” and for “systematic harassment” of American diplomats. In addition, the United States decided to close two suburban residence of the Russian diplomatic missions in new York and Maryland.

Russian President Vladimir Putin then said that Moscow will not “create problems for American diplomats” in retaliation to Washington, although it has the right to take retaliatory action. “Reserving the right to retaliate, we will not stoop to the level of “cooking” irresponsible diplomacy”, — Putin said, stressing, however, that the actions of the outgoing US administration in Moscow is regarded “as a provocation aimed at further undermining Russian-American relations.”

The Russian leader also noted that further steps to restore relations between the two countries, the Kremlin will be taken “on the basis of policy which will carry out the administration of the [elected] President Donald trump”.