The Prime Minister of Israel questioned because of suspicions of corruption

Israeli police questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the next three days in connection with allegations that he and his family received from the business gifts and other benefits, which are estimated at hundreds of thousands of shekels, according to Haaretz.

According to the newspaper, the police have witnesses both in Israel and other countries. One of them is the American-Israeli businessman Ron Lauder, a longtime friend of Netanyahu.

He confirmed that he gave the Prime Minister a variety of gifts, including a suit, and also funded trip abroad for Netanyahu’s son, Yair. Police, Haaretz reports that the cost of the gifts Lauder is much higher than he admits, and given they were from selfish motives.

The police also hoped that the interrogation will shed light on other details that are associated with more serious allegations against the Prime Minister, according to sources involved in the investigation. About what there is a speech, however, is not specified.

According to Haarets, the police tried to arrange a time of questioning for a long time and only on Sunday, both sides came to the agreement that it will be held this week. As notes the edition, the Prime Minister can be questioned on Monday.

Netanyahu denies all allegations. “All the previous so-called case of the result proved to be unfounded. The same will happen with the current suspicions, which are written in the media. They may not lead to anything”, — said the Prime Minister.