MICEX opened in 2017 a new historical record

First in 2017, the stock trades on the Moscow stock exchange are under the sign of rising quotations. The increased value of the shares of several Russian companies (including most of the Moscow exchange, the stocks of which rose by more than 3%) allowed the MICEX index to reach new historical high.

At the peak value of the rouble, the MICEX index, which is considered one of the two main indices of the Moscow exchange, reached on Tuesday 2260,17 item, which is 1.23% above the closing level of the previous trading session. The mark 2260 points, the value of the MICEX index rose for the first time in history.

The value of the “dollar” of the RTS index on 3 January reached 1165,32 points, which is 1.13% above the closing level on 30 December 2016 and is the highest since 14 December last year.

The main drivers of growth of the index along with the shares of the Moscow exchange were the shares of companies such as Rusal (plus a 4.08%), rosseti (plus 3.16 percent), ALROSA (plus 2,94%) and “Aeroflot” (plus of 2.29%).

11:33 Moscow time the index of MICEX reached 2256,19 points, RTS index — 1162,92 points.

The MICEX index began on 22 September 1997 with 100 points. The historic minimum value was recorded on 5 October 1998 (18,53). The index is based on 50 shares of Russian companies representing the key sectors of the economy, including Gazprom, LUKOIL, Sberbank, NOVATEK, Rosneft, Uralkali, MegaFon and so on.