Putin instructed the Prosecutor General to verify the Service of execution of punishments

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General’s office to audit the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) of the applicable legislation on public control over ensuring human rights in places of deprivation of liberty

According to the text of the order published Tuesday on the Kremlin website, it is about compliance with norms regulating the issues of interaction of bodies of the Federal penitentiary service of members of public monitoring commissions. To complete the checks and report its results to the Prosecutor General shall, by 1 September 2017.

The reason for making the head of state of such order a steel of the complaint of defenders that the Federal penitentiary service on the basis of “some obscure orders” is trying to cut their legal rights (to visit places of detention without special permission, to interview prisoners, to receive from the authorities of the Federal penitentiary service of necessary documents, etc.).

Thus, according to the Chairman of the interregional public organization “Committee for the prevention of torture” Igor Kalyapin, often we are talking about limiting the powers of public inspectors who are sent to commit crimes on the part of employees of the Federal penitentiary service.

“Public controller, coming to places of deprivation of liberty in the face of some violation, moreover, when faced with evidence of a crime is often, for example, complaints of unlawful violence, torture, cannot commit to the recorder, not something to photograph, it is not something to take video. At the same time he forbid it, citing some “deepashree” [particle Board, for official use only – ed.] orders or even oral instructions allegedly received from the Federal penitentiary service of Russia. In my opinion, this can only be explained one – an attempt to conceal possible evidence of illegal activity, then we could not go and tell this to the Prosecutor’s office or Investigative Committee,” he complained Kalyapin Putin at the December meeting of the Council for civil society development and human rights.

To remedy the situation, Kalyapin asked Putin to instruct the Ministry of justice to conduct an audit issued a Federal penitentiary service of documents on their conformity to both law and “common sense”.

Putin agreed that in law enforcement “lots of problems” and promised to instruct the Prosecutor General to deal with claims of public inspectors.

At the same time on the Kremlin website appeared a message about the number of other instructions of the President, taken after the December meeting of the Council on civil society development and human rights. In particular, the government is ordered to submit proposals on the legislation amendments, providing for “implementation of social rehabilitation and adaptation of persons released from places of imprisonment”.