A citizen of Kyrgyzstan, has demanded a refutation of his participation in the terrorist attack in Turkey

A citizen of Kyrgyzstan Yahya of Mashrapov, who was detained on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack at a nightclub in Istanbul, stated that he demands from the Turkish media published a refutation of the data.

“I’m not going to sue Turkish media, but demand to publish a refutation of information discrediting my honor,” he said in an interview with “Interfax”.

In particular, he explained that the Turkish media published a photo of his passport. According to Mashrapova, they also “write that I’m involved in the terrorist attack that is unfounded to speak and write”. However, during the questioning it turned out that it is not.

Mashrapov said that soon he’s not going to go abroad because his family is very scared.

Earlier, the Kyrgyz portal Turmush.kg he said that during the attack he was in Kyrgyzstan and arrived in Istanbul on 1 January on business. On 3 January he was going to come back, but he was detained at verification of documents of passengers of the plane.

Mashrapov said that the police questioned him for hours, which was detained a departure of the liner.

“I explained that interviewed me in connection with the attack in the night, said I looks a bit like the criminal with the photo, apologized and put me on a plane,” he explained.

According to the citizen of Kyrgyzstan, on the publication media of his passport he found out from friends.