The dollar strengthened against a basket of world currencies to its highest level in 14 years

The value calculated by the index Bloomberg U.S. Dollar Index, which monitors the change rate of the U.S. dollar against major world currencies (Euro, yen, pound sterling, canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Swedish Krona), rose to its highest level since 2002, according to Bloomberg.

In particular, the Euro-dollar exchange rate fell on Tuesday more than 1%, dropping to $1,0341 that was the lowest reading since January 2003. In recent times cheaper than the Euro cost January 3, 2003 ($1,034).

The Japanese yen fell on 3 January by 0.6% (to ¥118,6 per dollar). The Turkish Lira fell 1.7% (up to 3.6 Lira to the dollar), which was a record drop among all major currencies.

In early trading on the Moscow stock exchange rate of the dollar against the ruble fell sharply, down low to RUB 60,355 (minus 91,75 COP.). However, the changing trend in the world market, reinforced by the collapse of oil prices (the minimum price of a barrel of Brent fell to $55,39 that $2.99 is lower than that of the first in 2017 and the bidding is the worst figure since December 27, 2016) on the background of strengthening of the dollar, launched the weakening of the ruble.

In evening trading, the dollar came back to around 61 RUB, however, and not being able to get out of the red zone.