In the command Le Pen responded to the threat of Kiev to deny her entry to Ukraine

In the team of the presidential candidate of France, leader of the National front, marine Le Pen commented on the threat of Kiev to ban her entry into the country, which came after a recent statement about Crimea. The press-Secretary of Le Pen in the comments to Reuters said that the presidential candidate in any case was not going to Ukraine.

“Marine Le Pen, in any case, had not the slightest intention to go there [to Ukraine]. This issue will be resolved through diplomatic channels, when she will become President of the [French] Republic”, — quotes Agency the statement a press-the Secretary of Le Pen received an email in response to a request for comment.

Earlier on Wednesday, Ukraine’s foreign Ministry protested Le Pen after her statements about ownership of the Crimea. The statement of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that Le Pen “is in contempt of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and completely ignores the fundamental principles of international law.”

Kiev also warned that such statements will have consequences, “as has happened with some French politicians, who were banned entry to Ukraine”.

Earlier, Le Pen in an interview with French TV channel BFMTV said that joining Crimea to Russia was not “illegal”. “I don’t believe that it was an illegal annexation: there was a referendum, the residents of Crimea wanted to join Russia,” she said.