Authorities have identified requirements captured the city in côte d’ivoire soldiers

The Minister of defence of côte d’ivoire Alan Richard Donwahi reported that demobilized soldiers, seized the city of bouaké, demanding higher wages, payment of bonuses and reduce the time required to obtain the higher ranks, reports Reuters.

In his address, read out in state television, he called on soldiers to remain calm and stay in the barracks until then, until the solution is found.

Earlier it was reported that demobilized soldiers seized control of the second largest in côte d’ivoire city of Bouake. They took weapons from two police stations and blocked the entrances to the city.

The mayor of bouaké Nicholas Diebo said that currently, military authorities are negotiating with the soldiers.

“The situation is chaotic”, — quotes Agency the words Digibo, which itself is located outside the city.

In the town of Korhogo in the North of the country and in the city of Daloa, the local residents also witnessed protests by soldiers.

Consulate of France in côte d’ivoire has advised its citizens in bouaké, Korhogo and Daloa not to leave their homes, Reuters reports.