Duterte suggested that the fleet be moored in the Philippines “at any time”

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte expressed hope that Russia will become an ally and protector for his country. During his visit, the large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Tributs” the tanker “Boris Butoma” in the port of Manila, he suggested Russian ships to dock in the Philippines “at any time”, according to Reuters.

“We welcome our Russian friends. You can moor here at any time for anything, to replenish stocks or as our ally, to protect us,” he said.

According to Reuters, a statement of Duterte made after Russian Ambassador Igor Howeva of Russia’s readiness to supply weapons to the Philippines. The Embassy later said that “Russia is ready to supply weapons in accordance with international law and the law.”

The official representative of the President of the Philippines Ernesto Abella said earlier that Duterte sees the visit of the Russian ships as a sign of possible closer ties with the Russian Navy. The Philippine leader also considering holding a joint military-sea doctrines of Russia and the Philippines. To conduct naval exercises Russia and the Philippines must sign the document.

4 Jan official Facebook of the Navy of the Philippines, said that Manila “gesture of goodwill” there arrived two Russian ships. Sailors were greeted by the leaders of the local naval forces.

Two months ago Duterte decided to severely restrict military cooperation with the United States. He did this at the suggestion of the Ministry of defence of the country. Later he invited US “to prepare to leave the Philippines”. Duterte threatened to cancel the military agreement of 1998, in which the U.S. military can stay on the territory of the Philippines to conduct joint exercises.