Kiev responded to the report about the losses of the artillery of the hacker hacking

The defense Ministry commented on the report of the analytical group CrowdStrike, which said that the Russian hackers group Fancy Bear may be related to cracking of the application used by the Ukrainian artillery, UNIAN reports.

The report stated that the application of a Popr-D30.apk and “Dill” employed by the Armed forces of Ukraine to simplify calculations when working with artillery, was found laying package for remote access X-Agent. This package allows you to access the GPS data and cellular communications and, thus, to point to the exact position of artillery. According to the independent military-analytical Agency International Institute for Strategic Studies, APU lost about 80% of the howitzer D-30 during the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

The press service of the defense Ministry stated that information about the destruction of 80% of the howitzers as a result of hacking hackers software is not true. According to the command of missile troops and artillery of the land forces of the armed forces, during this time of loss weapons artillery, were much less mentioned in the report and are not connected with the specified cause.

“Now the military units of missile troops and artillery of the Land forces of Ukraine fully operational, staffed and able to perform tasks on purpose,” said APU.