In Turkey have arrested five people for the murder of the Ambassador of Russia

As reported by the Turkish Anadolu news Agency, at the request of the Prosecutor’s office of Izmir arrested five men suspected of involvement in the murder of Charles. Four of them cadets of the police school in which studied and the culprit mevlüt Altıntaş. It — Ilker er, Abdulkadir Agin, Erdogan, Ardingly and SIA Ehiogu.

Fifth — a Suleiman Ergen, whom police called the activist organizations of the Muslim preacher Fethullah gülen. He, according to investigators, was in charge of opposition-minded students.

Earlier, the interior Ministry of Turkey reported that the murder of Charles was not a spontaneous crime committed by a loner. Police learned that the attack was well-planned and Altıntaş was in touch with the organization living in the United States of Gulen.

The Minister Suleyman Soylu pointed out that there is a relationship between the murder of Charles and terrorist attacks in Turkey in the summer of 2015. The purpose of these events is, according to him, the destabilization of the situation in the middle East.

Andrew Charles was killed in Ankara on 19 December when he opened an exhibition at the contemporary art Center. He gave a speech when a former police officer mevlüt Altıntaş several times shot him in the back. From the received wounds the Ambassador of Russia in Turkey has died. The Russian foreign Ministry has described the incident as a terrorist attack. The same opinion came in and the UN Security Council.

December 22 was held the funeral of Charles. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin awarded him the title of Hero of Russia posthumously.