In Baghdad, there was the second day of terrorist attack

The second explosion in Baghdad, which occurred on Sunday, January 8, ten people were killed and dozens were injured according to Reuters. The explosion occurred in the market in the Eastern part of the city, an explosive device detonated a suicide bomber.

During the morning a car bomb exploded at a vegetable market in a Shiite area of the city. The victims of the explosion were 13 people, about 50 were injured.

Responsibility for the attack has taken the group “Islamic state”, which is prohibited in Russia.

Earlier, on 2 January, a suicide bomber blew up a bomb in the North-East of the city, killing at least 35 people. The explosion occurred at one of the busiest squares in the Madinat-es-Sadr, which is inhabited mainly by Shiites. Among the dead were three police officers.

According to police, the attack gave the suicide bomber who detonated an explosive device in the car. Responsibility for the incident was claimed by the militants of banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”.

December 31 place of terrorist attacks has also become a market in the centre of the Iraqi capital. Then, as a result of two explosions killed 21 people and more than 40 injured. Responsibility for the attack claimed by the group “Islamic state”.