The United States promised to increase the scale and complexity of the exercise in Europe

The Deputy head of the European command of the U.S. armed forces, Lieutenant-General Tim ray said that the scale and complexity of military exercises in Europe will be increased to deter “aggression by Russia”, according to Reuters.

“Let me be clear: it is part of our efforts to deter aggression from the Russian side, to ensure the territorial integrity of our allies and the support of freedom, prosperity and peace in Europe,” said Rei in the German port of Bremerhaven, where they arrived hundreds of tanks, trucks and other military equipment from the United States.

According to ray, about 70 thousand U.S. troops stationed in Europe, quickly adapted to the changing strategic environment, referring to “military operations of Russia in Ukraine”, the migratory flows from Syria, and the rise of Islamic radicalism.

In Bremerhaven arrived at about 2800 pieces of military equipment from the US and about 4 thousand soldiers.