Assad expressed readiness to hold talks with the opposition in Astana

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview that the Syrian authorities are ready to take part in the talks in Astana and met with the opposition. A conversation with French journalists was published by the Syrian state Agency SANA.

In response to the question of whether Assad to negotiate, to establish peace, the President said, “of Course, we are ready, we announced that our delegation is ready to discuss all issues”.

He explained that the government are always ready to consider all proposals for the establishment of peace in Syria, however, said the Syrian President, more importantly, who exactly will be presented to members of the opposition.

“But who will be on the other side [in the negotiations]? We don’t know yet. If this is the “real” Syrian opposition I mean the ordinary Syrians, not the people of Saudi Arabia, France and the UK — then we will be able to discuss key issues. The success of the conference will depend on this,” said the President of Syria.

Assad said that he intends to discuss the issue of transfer of power, but he focused only on the country’s Constitution. According to the Syrian leader and the opposition, if he wants to achieve his departure from the presidency should revise the Constitution, which is only possible with a referendum.

Negotiations between the parties to the Syrian conflict to be held on January 23 in Astana with the participation of Russia and Turkey. However, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu said that talks are disrupted, if Syria is not respected the truce.

In this part of the Syrian opposition announced the suspension of preparations for the meeting in Astana. The statement was signed by groups that included in the “Free Syrian army”.

The cease-fire acts in Syria since December 30. The agreement, prepared with the participation of Moscow and Ankara signed the Syrian government and the opposition.