In Germany, filed the first lawsuit on behalf of the owner to Volkswagen

In Germany, filed the first lawsuit on behalf of the owner to Volkswagen

Moscow. 4 Jan. MyRight law firm representing owners of Volkswagen AG raised “diesel scandal” in Germany, filed the first lawsuit against the automaker, demanding the refund to consumers of the damage.

Volkswagen agreed to pay compensation of about 535 thousand U.S. car owners and car dealers totaling approximately $20 billion, but refused similar payments in Europe.

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The district court of Braunschweig confirmed that he had received a lawsuit against Volkswagen, MyRight filed on behalf of one of the German car owners.

In Germany there is no class of claims practice adopted in the United States. In Germany a court hears case of one claimant, and this case further be used as a model for conducting similar processes.

In MyRight note that the requirements for Volkswagen is ready to produce about 100 thousand car owners in Germany.

In that case, if the court will satisfy the first lawsuit in Germany, the German automaker could face a huge number of new lawsuits in Germany and in other European countries, which will lead to a sharp increase in its spending to address the consequences of “diselect,” writes MarketWatch.

MyRight authorized to participate in the process the company Rechtsanwalte LLP Hausfeld, a division of the American law firm, representing the American owners of Volkswagen cars in the filing of class action lawsuit in the United States.

Lawyers Hausfeld included in the lawsuit against Volkswagen, the requirement to pay the owner compensation for the total value of 41 thousand euros plus interest and compensation for legal costs.

Volkswagen in September 2015, admitted to having installed on their cars a special software Senigallia the emissions of harmful substances. In total diesel scandal has affected more than 11 million cars.

In the U.S., the automaker will spend a total of more than $15 billion to liquidate consequences of oil companies. Volkswagen declined to discuss compensation payments to European owners, denying the harm caused to them. The automaker has offered European customers only technical violations.