Analysts have described Russia among the five countries with the best cybervictim

Russia can be in the top 5 countries with the most developed cyberpassage — specialized units on cyber security for military or intelligence purposes. This is evidenced by studies Zecurion Analytics, which leads “Kommersant”.

The exact figures in the company refused to disclose, however, according to the interlocutor of the edition in the market of information security, Russia’s spending on kibervoyska be about $300 thousand per year, while the number of Russian special forces is about 1 thousand people.

According to the company, the specialized units on cybersecurity officially used by several dozen countries, and unofficially, more than a hundred. According to the publication, the evaluation of the potential in this area is based on the military budgets of States, cybersecurity strategies, statutory documents, background information of international organizations, official and insider information.

So, according to the study, the most developed cyberpassage in the world at the moment have the United States. According to analysts, the state financing of this direction in the United States can make about $7 billion a year, and the number of hackers cooperating with the government, 9 thousand people.

In second place in the Zecurion has put China where financing of this direction may amount to $1.5 billion a year, and the cyber army is estimated as the largest — up to 20 thousand people.

The top three countries with the most advanced special forces on cyber security, closes UK, highlighting cybervictim consisting of 2 thousand, $450 thousand per year. In fourth place is South Korea with a budget of $400 thousand per year and a part of 700 hackers.

Among the main activities of cyberarmies in Zecurion called espionage, cyber attacks and information warfare, which “include various means of influencing the mood and behavior of the population”.