Moscow will pave a new path to the already well-appointed streets

Moscow will pave new bike paths on the streets, renovated last year. Bike lanes will appear in 23 streets in the city centre, from of tender documentation Department of transportation. Among them, the Kremlin embankment, Mokhovaya street, Bolshaya Yakimanka, Novy Arbat street, Garden ring from the Arbat to Dolgorukovskaya street, Petrovka and partially Taganskaya. The total length of these streets is about 20 km away.

For the organization of Cycling will set 312 of cycle traffic lights at the intersection 41. For example, on a Large Stone bridge, at the intersection of moss street and Grand Nikita, Tver, Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya. The lights can be led. Near bike path is planned to equip the 47 unregulated pedestrian crossings.

The design of the new lanes will spend nearly 10 million rubles will be completed by the end of February, after that the city authorities will hold a tender for the laying of cycle paths.

Most of the streets, which is equipped bikeways, traffic lights, crossings and stops, was built in 2016 on the program “My street”. They have expanded the sidewalks, put in new asphalt or tile, have established benches and urns, removed underground wires, planted trees, installed pedestrian crossings and Parking. My street started in 2015. For two years it was landscaped more than 100 streets. The total cost of works amounted to 45 billion rubles In 2017 it is planned to repair more 60 streets.

Today in Moscow, laid 200 km of cycle paths, including at Gorky Park and Sokolniki parks, on the streets of Bolshaya Ordynka and Bolshaya Nikitskaya. The longest Bicycle track with a length of 16 miles was opened in 2013 from Muzeon to Victory Park. Then was reconstructed Krymskaya embankment.

Curator of the project Diana Khakimova in conversation with noted that the device of Bicycle paths on the main streets can cost hundreds of millions of rubles, including due to the installation of traffic lights. “The equipment is one kilometer of bike paths is worth several million rubles. Single bike traffic light — not less than 1 million rubles,” — said Khakimov. If bike paths were laid out in the General improvement of the streets, then maybe they would cost less because the cost of materials and equipment for the year increased, the expert believes.

Chairman of the Union of pedestrians Vladimir Sokolov said that the device paths on the Central busy streets creates a hazard for pedestrians. Cyclists travel at a speed of 15 km/h, the tracks are not fenced. “Counter belopotosky separated by a thin line, cyclists shy away from collisions, and occupy a territory of pedestrians. It is better to develop Cycling in parks and on the quays,” concluded Sokolov.