PARNASSUS demanded the Supreme court overturn the results of the Duma elections

“People’s freedom party” (PARNAS) was filed in the Supreme court against the CEC with the requirement to cancel results of elections in the state Duma, held on September 18. It is reported in the press release received by the editors .

The party believes that grounds for cancellation of the elections are the omissions of the CEC in the establishment of the election results. In PARNAS argue that the CEC approved the election results, not by checking on complaints of violations, not considered the question of the counting of votes, where the reliability of the outcome was questioned. Also in PARNASSUS are confident that the CEC misinterpreted his powers, ruling he was not entitled to conduct a recount.

“According to “people’s freedom Party”, these violations in the aggregate has not allowed the Central election Commission to determine the real will of the voters in the last election,” — said in a press release.

In court, the party intends to request that the CEC provided the documents related to the establishment of results of elections to the Duma. PARNAS also wants to interrogate as witnesses the members of the Commission.

The lawsuit was filed in the Supreme court the last day of the legally stipulated three-month period from the date of publication of the results in the Bulletin of the CEC of Russia.

Duma elections were held on 18 September 2016 in a single day of voting. They were held under a mixed system: 225 deputies were elected by party lists and another 225 in single-mandate constituencies. The elections were won by “United Russia”, receiving 54.2 per cent of votes.

On 29 November the Supreme court refused to recognize the elections as illegitimate and cancel the CEC approved the results. A lawsuit was filed in court by the party “Yabloko”.