The Department of state explained the lack of evidence in the report about “Russian hackers”

The lack of evidence in the report of U.S. intelligence on “cyber attacks from Russia” and interference in the election of the President of the United States due to the specifics of intelligence, and a desire to keep secret methods of work and sources of information. About this at the daily briefing at the State Department, said Agency spokesman John Kirby.

“I don’t think someone can surprise the absence in the unclassified version of the confidential information to protect intelligence community, in particular, the sources and methods of work. It would be irresponsible if they provided and disclosed such information. And we can, and let them determine what information is appropriate to announce publicly,” said Kirby.

According to him, the accuracy of the report’s findings verified in the course of private briefings, which were held for members of Congress, President Barack Obama and the elected President, Donald trump.

Unclassified version of the report about the “Russian interference” in the elections of the us intelligence service has published 6 Jan. From this it follows that U.S. intelligence has “high confidence” believes that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered to launch a campaign of intervention in the US presidential election.

According to U.S. intelligence, Russian President, had the objective “to undermine people’s faith in American democracy, to tarnish Hillary Clinton, to hurt her presidential campaign and to thwart its potential victory in the elections.” “Furthermore, we believe that Putin and the Russian government clearly preferred the election trump. When Moscow became clear that Clinton is likely to win the election, the Russian campaign focused on undermining her expected presidency,” the report says.

The US President-elect Donald trump held a private meeting with the leaders of the U.S. intelligence community. After it he said that he learned a lot. “It was a really great meeting, I really liked these people,” said trump. “I learned a lot and I guess they, too,” added the President-elect. Read more about what kind of data it had before, trump has not told, having noted only that I learned a lot of “secret things.”

To a direct question, whether he agreed with allegations that Russia interfered in the elections of the US President, trump has not responded.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the U.S. intelligence report still contains unsupported accusations. “We have serious fatigue from these charges. It reminds in full-length the hunt for witches. We understand that our American colleagues at different stages were the kind of witch hunts”, — he told reporters at a briefing.