The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil for the first time in the new year, fell below $55

At the auctions in London the price of Brent crude oil fell below $55 per barrel. The last time she was on the mark 23 December 2016, after which bids were above this level.

In the beginning of the trading session of 9 January, a barrel of Brent cost $of 56.95, during the trading session, the price slowly fell, however, in the end of the day, the fall accelerated and as of 22:45 GMT it reached $54,87 per barrel.

WTI also fell: trading opened at $53,77 per barrel, and 22:45 GMT it was worth $51,93.

Monday, January 9, US Department of energy said it plans to sell strategic reserves (Strategic Petroleum Reserve, SRP) oil in the amount of $375,4 million

The funds will go to Finance the modernization of strategic oil storage tanks and pipelines, said the Agency. Purchase requisitions will be accepted until 17 January, and deliveries to be made in March and April.

3 million barrels of oil to be sold from storage facilities in Bryan Mound and Big Hill, and another 2 million from the West Hackberry storage.