The Supreme court of Venezuela has banned the deputies of the resignation of Maduro

The deputies of the National Assembly of Venezuela must stop the procedure for dismissal of President Nicolas Maduro from office, because it is not provided for in the Constitution of the country. This decision was made by the Supreme court of Venezuela after the majority of deputies acknowledged Maduro “left his post”, according to broadcaster Telesur.

In a statement, the Supreme court stated that the legislature has no right to make decisions not provided for in the Constitution.

In addition, the court confirmed its position, which was expressed in November 2016, when the court made the ruling and ordered members of Parliament to refrain from declaring the “political responsibility” of the incumbent.

Earlier on Monday, 9 January, the opposition majority in the Parliament of Venezuela has recognized Maduro “leaving his post” because he “refused to perform their duties”. The deputies referred to the provision of article 233 of the Constitution which allows the appointment of new presidential elections in case of recognition of the head of state is absent on duty. The deputies of the Pro-government faction, said that the Parliament has no authority to vote on this issue.