Assange has called the successor Rousseff, President of Brazil informant USA

Founder of the portal WikiLeaks Julian Assange in an interview with Nocaute said that the current President of Brazil Michel Temer, who replaced ousted from power, Dilma Rousseff, informed US about the political situation in the country and passed the data to American intelligence.

Assange said that Temer often visited the American Embassy, however, evidence that the US government was paying him for his espionage activities there. According to Assange, it is “about other things”, such as networking for information exchange and obtaining political support.

The WikiLeaks founder also expressed the view that the removal of Rousseff from power was a political coup and said the protests against ex-President actively “fueled” in social networks using bots. According to Assange, “these things are not happening in Latin America without American support.”

Assange also noted that among all countries in Latin America Brazil is the main object of surveillance by the US because it is the most important in economic terms.

The process of impeachment of Rousseff launched at the end of 2015. The opposition accused her of concealing the budget deficit of the country during the election campaign in 2014, as well as in participation in corruption schemes involving state oil company Petrobras.

August 31, 2016, the Brazilian Senate voted to impeach Rousseff, thereby supporting the accusations of budget fraud. For depriving Rousseff of presidential powers spoke 61 of the 81 senators, 20 members of the Senate opposed.

After entry of the decision of the Senate in force the country is officially headed by Michel Temer, since 2011 held the position of Vice President of Brazil. Earlier, Rousseff accused him of plotting to otstranenie her from power.