Candidate for the post of head of the state Department will say about the danger from Russia

The candidate for the position of Secretary of state Rex Tillerson on Wednesday expressed concern about the actions of Russia on the world stage and declares that NATO “has the right to worry about a resurgent Russia.” Such statements Tillerson will be heard at the hearings in the Senate, where discussed his candidacy for the post of head of the state Department, reports Reuters.

According to the Agency, the text of the upcoming speech of the candidate gossekretar distributed transition team trump.

In his opening remarks, Tillerson will explain to some extent why trump called for warmer relations with Moscow. In particular, he says that Washington needs “an open and Frank dialogue with Russia in order to choose your own course.” But the rhetoric Tillerson, expressing concern about Russia’s actions, somewhat at odds with trump’s statements about the need to establish relations with Moscow, emphasizes Reuters.

“While Russia is committed to the respect and importance on the world stage, their recent actions, it ignored American interests”, — quotes extracts from the speech Tillerson Washington Post, which also reviewed the text of his opening remarks. “Russia must know that we will follow our obligations and the obligations of our allies, and Russia should be held accountable for their actions,” he says.

“Russia today is dangerous, but it’s very predictable when defending their own interests. It has invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea and supported the Syrian forces, which brutally violate the laws of war,” the statement said Tillerson. “Our NATO allies have the right to worry about a resurgent Russia,” he says.

At the same time, as noted by the Washington Post, in his speech, Tillerson will not affect themes “Russian intervention” in U.S. elections, as well as new sanctions against Russia.