Obama, in his farewell speech said Russia and China rivals the USA

Obama, in his farewell speech said Russia and China rivals the USA

Barack Obama continued the tradition of American presidents and was valedictorian. The scene he chose Chicago, where his political career began. A large part of nearly an hour-long speech, Obama devoted not to transfer their achievements, and the enumeration of threats to the prosperity of the United States and democracy in them, the correspondence polemic with the President-elect Donald trump.

Overcoming depression

“If I told you eight years ago that America cope with the great depression and restart our industry, will begin its longest period of job creation in history. If I told you that we open a new Chapter with the Cuban people, to end the Iranian nuclear weapons programme without a single shot and destroy the mastermind of the September 11 attacks. If I told you that we will achieve equality in marriage and provide a right to health insurance for another 20 million people — you could say that we are in the clouds,” Obama listed his main achievements.

When Obama took the oath of office in January 2009, the unemployment rate in the U.S. was the highest since 1983 (9,9%), however all subsequent years it decreased and by the end of his tenure was 4.7%. Since the beginning of 2010 was created 15.8 million new jobs.

No figures referring to economic growth, Obama speech failed. However, it is known that basically the US economy when it recovered from the economic crisis and moved on to growth. If in 2008 the GDP growth was negative (-0,29%), since 2009, growth has become positive in 2015, GDP growth was 2.6% (according to the World Bank). GDP per capita grew for almost the entire running time of Obama: a decrease in 2009 below $48.5 thousand per year by 2016 increased to $57,17 thousand per capita per year.The total capitalization of public companies with increased more than two times: in 2008, the total figure was us $11.6 trillion, and in 2015 — $25,07 trillion. Nearly $1 trillion reduced the budget deficit ($1.4 trillion in 2009 to $438 trillion in 2015). However, it has increased the total debt of the Federal government. In the last year of President George W. Bush, he was $67.7 per trillion, and in 2015 reached $101,8 trillion. This year, the Office of management and budget the White house predicts an increase to $105,2 billion.

However, American experts argue about the President’s role in achieving these targets. Work program of the Obama administration investment in infrastructure: jobs appeared not only in construction but in related industries, said Elise Gould, senior economist at the Economic Police Institute NBC. However, the debate about the role of the Obama administration in the US continues. According to Peter, Cardillo, a senior economist at First Standard Financial, the main role in the recovery was played by the fed’s actions.

In his farewell speech, Obama indicated that the United States has twice increased the production of alternative energy. However, it is also almost two-fold increase in crude oil. In 2009 produced slightly more than 1.83 billion barrels per year in 2015 to 3.44 billion barrels.

The climate, the fight against terrorism and Russia

In his farewell speech, Obama tried to protect the climate agreement of the UN, which was concluded in late 2015 in Paris. President-elect trump’s campaign has repeatedly questioned global warming and the need to fulfill its agreement obligations to reduce emissions. “Without tougher action our children will not have time to argue about the existence of climate change, they will be busy fighting with its consequences,” — said Obama. The discussion should conclude, and the problem is to deal with the distinctly American spirit of innovation and practical approach.

He also said that because of the actions of his administration managed to kill the leader of “al-Qaeda” Osama bin Laden and to prevent new terrorist attacks on American soil. It is necessary to continue the fight against terrorism, Obama said, calling the main enemy — the ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). Terrorists threaten the American right, Obama said. “ISIS tries to kill innocent people, but they can’t defeat America as long as we do not betray our Constitution and the principles for which we fight. Rivals, like Russia or China, can not be compared with our influence in the world if we do not abandon the things for which we stand, and will not become another country that is picking on smaller neighbors,” Obama said. More to the Russian question in the speech he did not return.

The threat to world order, he said, are also fanatics who claim to speak on behalf of Islam, and autocrats in foreign capitals, “who see free markets, open democracy and civil society as a threat to their power.” Particular country it do not call.

In these circumstances, America, I’m sure the outgoing President may not withdraw from battles on the world stage for the expansion of democracy, human rights, LGBT rights. The weakening of democratic values threatened by the wars, he explained. Trump during the election campaign spoke about what America should do more household chores.

Threats for the future

The United States remains the exceptional country because it has shown the ability to change, Obama said. However, according to him, the prosperity for all Americans must continue to fight, it requires the development of American democracy. The latter, according to Obama, faced with multiple threats. Its development is not possible without equal economic opportunities for all. “The economy is not working well when a few prosper at the expense of the growing middle class,” Obama said. He drew attention to the fact that while one percent of the population gathered most of the wealth and income, many families living in small towns far from the coast and in rural areas are unable to take advantage of the new economy. That the dissatisfaction of citizens with the current conditions made it possible to win the election Donald Trump, according to numerous studies the results of the American elections.

The second threat to the United States, according to Obama, is racial discrimination. The first black President in the history of the United States recognized that the situation in recent years has improved, but work must continue: “If every economic question is presented as a struggle between hard-working white class and undeserving minorities, then the workers of all colors will fight for crumbs, and the rich will increasingly withdraw into their private enclaves.” Obama urged not to skimp on the education of immigrant children, because they will bring prosperity to the children born in the United States.

The outgoing President considers necessary the adoption of laws against discrimination in employment, in education and other fields.

In his speech, Obama repeatedly returned to questions of tolerance and recognition of other points of view. The opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of white or black, he said, would help to overcome racial division.

The third threat is the 44th President of the United States called the trend on the care of people in living in community, including social networks, and a refusal to accept information which is unpleasant to them. According to him, the chosen policy can not excuse ethical lapses of his own party and attack the other, which made the same.

The administration will ensure as smooth as possible transfer of power, as did President George W. Bush, said Obama. Since it is a common task — to make so that the government can help people cope with the challenges, explained Obama. A word about the transfer of power to Trump the audience in the hall met a disgruntled exclamations. In the beginning of the speech Obama chanted “four more years!”. “I can’t do that,” he said from the stage.

The speech Obama ended by thanking the family and Vice President Joe Biden. Speech to the applause ended with the words, “Yes, we could. Yes, we did. Yes, we can” – thus Recalling his campaign slogan.Chi