Zakharov told about “Russian diplomat” from the BuzzFeed report

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in Facebook about his conversations with Western journalists after the publication of the BuzzFeed of the document, which refers to the influence of Moscow on elected President of the USA of Donald trump.

The document she called “mind-blowing heresy” and “inhumane nonsense”. “But there are called specific names?! — was the hundredth question on the topic,” — said Zakharov on the journalists ‘ questions to her.

Foreign Ministry spokesman explained that the publication of edition referred to “high-ranking employee of the Russian Embassy in Washington Mikhail Kulagin”. He, according to the authors of the document have been withdrawn from the capital of the United States, because Moscow feared the publicity of “active participation in the presidential elections.”

Zakharov explained that a man by the name Kulagin has never worked in the Russian Embassy in Washington. Probably, according to Zakharova, we are talking about Mikhail Kalugin, who for the last six years he held the position of head of economic group at the Russian Embassy in the us capital, suggested the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

“The functions of Michael, who I know personally, was part of regular communication with representatives of business and expert circles in Washington and other American cities, performances with interviews and lectures on Russian-American economic relations,” she said.

Zakharov explained that in August of 2016 Kalugin finished its business trip, which was informed by all parties in six months. “But more importantly, many of his American colleagues (and he really knew very many) were in the course of check-out at the beginning of last year,” — said the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Zakharova, in summarizing the discussions, said that on the question of the journalist: “You want to say that in the report there is not a single truthful word?” she said, “Well, why not! Trump exists.”

BuzzFeed published a dossier, which was allegedly compiled by a former agent of British intelligence MI-6. From this it followed that the Kremlin began to cooperate with trump five years ago. Trump has arrived in Moscow and during his visit he lived in the presidential Suite of the hotel “Ritz-Carlton” where he invited prostitutes. The published material says that the FSB is bugged and hidden cameras in the hotel, and then appeared at the office the dirt on the billionaire. The publication stressed that it can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the document.

Trump and the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov denied the existence of any incriminating evidence and called this information a “fake”.