A former employee of the presidential administration, rejected the report about trump

Deputy chief of staff — managing the Affairs of the state Duma Igor Depakin commented “to Interfax” the data about the fact that he had met with the Advisor of the election headquarters of Donald trump Carter page. “Nonsense and made-up story do not comment. I never knew such a person and do not even know about its existence. In my area of expertise never included foreign policy issues,” he said.

In addition, Depakin did not rule out that sue and will insist, “that in the course of the hearing, invited the person who disseminates such information.” “Any publication is responsible for what is published” — he stressed.

Previously, BuzzFeed published a dossier, which refers to Depakin. According to the document, he, occupying then a post of the Deputy head of the presidential administration on domestic policy, met with page and during the meeting said that the Russian leadership has dirt on trump. In addition, the dossier says that trump has invited prostitutes to the presidential Suite in the hotel “Ritz-Carlton” in Moscow, where the FSB bugged and hidden cameras.

The Kremlin after the publication of the dossier stated that he has no dirt on trump. “The information is not true and is nothing other than absolute fiction,” — said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, noting that “there are those who escalate a tantrum who is bending over backwards to maintain this state of “witch hunt”.

Trump in turn, said in his Twitter that intelligence agencies “never meant to leak a “fake news”. “This is the last shot at me. Do we live in Nazi Germany,” he wrote. In addition, he threatened BuzzFeed “consequences.”