Hollande gave instructions to his successors about Russia

French President Francois Hollande in a speech at the Elysee Palace gave instructions to his successors about doing diplomacy with Russia. Speaking before the diplomatic corps, the French President warned that Russia need not “spoken”, and “active diplomacy”.

“It is not enough to keep saying “we need to conduct a dialogue with Russia.” We do not cease to do so. But the problems do not disappear if we are talking about them, it would be very simple. There is no conversational diplomacy. There is active diplomacy. Everything else is delusion”, — quotes the words of Hollande, Le Figaro.

Hollande added that “dialogue is necessary”. “But we need to be uncompromising in our interests and principles,” he said.

According to the French President, Russia is a “partner for France, because between our Nations long-standing friendship and common interests.” “I have had many occasions when I met with Putin to discuss the crisis. I never thought it was possible to do without Russia to find answers to solve these crises,” added Hollande, citing the example of the agreement with Iran and the conflict in Ukraine.

The French President also expressed regret that the Minsk agreements on the Ukrainian crisis “delayed execution”. He reiterated that sanctions against Russia “will not be lifted as long as the obligations are not met”.

This spring in France’s presidential election. Hollande refused to participate in them. It is already known that for the presidency will fight the candidate of the “Republican,” the former Prime Minister françois Fillon and the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen.

According to Le Figaro, Hollande has repeatedly criticized his political opponents for being too, in their opinion, a strong stand against Moscow. Fillon supports the revision of relations with Russia, Le Pen the same sentiment, reminds the edition.