The media learned about the work of the author of “compromising” on trump with Litvinenko

A former employee of the British intelligence MI6 Christopher Steele, who is known as the author of the report about the presence of Russia compromising elected President of the USA of Donald trump, worked for a time with Alexander Litvinenko, the former FSB officer poisoned in London in 2006. About it reports the British newspaper the Times, citing informed sources.

The newspaper’s sources claim that Steele is a respected “expert on the Kremlin.” One of the interlocutors of The Times, who knew Steele when he worked at MI6, said that the former agent was engaged in Russia for almost 20 years. “He’s still there [in MI6] worked when you have a situation with Litvinenko,” — said the source publication. “I think he was one of those who worked with Litvinenko,” he added.

The publication says that according to the widow of former FSB agent Litvinenko Marina, she did not know the surname of Steele, but it could be due to the fact that when dealing with her husband, the agent can use a different name.

One of the sources The Times described Christopher Steele as a man, “slightly more likely to work for the public and divorced from reality than would be expected from a former employee of the secret service”. “Not at all, he made a serious impression, but he managed to build a successful career,” added the source. Another source called the former agent was “deeply versed” in Russia, but also “pleasant and quiet” person.

The report, which claimed that Russia has incriminating information about Donald trump, was published by Buzzfeed on January 11. In it, in particular, it was said that during a visit to Russia Donald trump stayed in the presidential Suite of the hotel “Ritz Carlton” in Moscow, who invited prostitutes. According to the report, the room had installed hidden cameras and listening devices. Trump called the publication of the report “fake news.”

In the Kremlin after the publication of the report denied the existence of compromising elected President of the United States, calling it “tabloid fiction.” The head of the N. I. USA James clapper said that the intelligence community has nothing to do with the incriminating report on Donald trump, as his leak.