The media learned the name of the author of the incriminating report about trump

The author of the report, according to which Russia allegedly has dirt on elected President of the USA of Donald trump, was a former British intelligence officer, now head of a company specializing in security and investigations. This was written by The Wall Street Journal, citing familiar with the situation sources.

According to them, we are talking about 52-year-old Christopher Style, one of two Directors of the company Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. The second Director, 58-year-old Christopher burrows, told the newspaper that he could not “confirm or deny” that Orbis was the report. To review the Steele newspaper failed. Before that, the WSJ notes, he rejected requests for an interview through an intermediary, who noted that the subject is still “too hot”.

Burroughs, according to his LinkedIn profile, he served as adviser to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain and have made trips to Brussels and new Delhi. The Agency refused to comment to the newspaper. Visit Steele on LinkedIn about his career no detail is given. As the WSJ emphasizes, intelligence officers often use diplomatic missions as a cover for espionage activities.

Orbis Business Intelligence, as follows from the data on its website, was established in 2009 British intelligence specialists. According to corporate sources, the newspaper said, Orbis is owned by another company, which, in turn, is jointly owned by Steele and burrows. The company “relies on a “global network” of experts and leaders in the field of business to ensure clients strategic advice, carrying out the operation to gather intelligence and carry out complex, often international investigations”.

According to the newspaper, the report about elected President of the United States consists of a series of notes, which were compiled between June and December 2016. According to one of the WSJ sources familiar with the situation, in addition to the writing of this report, Steele has also prepared a plan for the collection of information for law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe, including the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI).

Earlier, BuzzFeed has published the dossier, wrote the publication, was assembled by a man calling himself a former agent of British intelligence MI-6. In particular, the document States that trump has invited prostitutes to the presidential Suite in the hotel “Ritz-Carlton” in Moscow and the FSB set up a wiretap and hidden camera. In addition, the author of the dossier writes that in July, who was then Deputy head of the presidential administration on domestic policy Igor Depakin met with the Advisor of the election headquarters of trump, Carter and Paige told him that the Russian leadership has dirt on trump.

Trump and the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov denied the existence of any incriminating evidence and called this information a “fake”.