Central Bank saw no grounds for reducing interest rates on loans to small businesses

Preferential interest rate on loans to small and medium businesses are unlikely to decrease in the next 2 years, as the correspondent , said Dmitry Tulin.

Now the Central Bank in the framework of the special programme to refinance Bank loans, which are issued to entrepreneurs at the rate of 10-11% per annum. The rate does not seem preferential in comparison with the period when the key rate was 17%. Reason, which prevents the Central Bank to lower the rate on loans to small and medium businesses — the accumulated debt of entrepreneurs to banks. At the end of 2016, the delay was 14%, which, according to Tulin, the delay is higher than for loans to non-financial organizations.

In addition, according to Tulin, the banks issuing loans to small and medium businesses are very high credit risks, because the margin barely covers potential losses from defaults. In his opinion, if the quality of the loan portfolio to small and medium businesses will not rise and will not drop the specific weight of problem loans in banks ‘ portfolios, low interest rates can be forgotten.

“I do not would place the entrepreneurs hoped for reduction in rates,” he told reporters. In this case, the limit of funds to 125 billion roubles on the program of lending to small and medium-sized businesses, according to Tulin, banks chose only 91 billion.

Peak small business loans reached at the end of 2014, in the credit portfolios of banks loans to small and medium-sized businesses accounted for almost 23 percent, he said. Now, according to him, the share of small business loans in banks ‘ portfolios by 2016, fell to 16%. “Lending to small and medium business has stabilized and is below it does not fall,” he konstatirovat the Chairman of the Bank of Russia.