The Kremlin confirmed the dismissal of the speaker’s presentation Medvedev

The procedure for the dismissal Ulyukayev said the head of the state legal Department of the President Larissa Brycheva in response to the request of the lawyer of anti-corruption center “Yabloko” Alexey Chumakov (her response is in order). In the request to the Prosecutor General Chumakov was asked to clarify the basis on which the President has sent in the resignation of speaker: FZ “on combating corruption”, or at the proposal of the Prime Minister Medvedev. The request was redirected from the state office of public Prosecutor in the state legal Directorate of the President.

Assistant of the President confirms that the speaker was relieved of the post of Minister in connection with loss of trust on the basis of FZ “on combating corruption”. According to Braceway, in accordance with article 9 of the FCL “on the government of the Russian Federation”, Federal Ministers dismissed by the President upon the proposal of the Prime Minister. However, said assistant President, the law does not oblige to publish the proposal of the head of the Cabinet (and does not specify the form of this submission) .

A source in the government confirmed that all the dismissals and appointments are made on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. “Without representation could not be the decree [resignation of speaker],” — said the source . The source could not specify the date of writing the proposal of the Prime Minister to the President.

The criminal case against the Minister Ulyukayev was filed November 15. According to investigators, on 14 November, the Minister personally has received $2 million for the Ministry of economic development issued a positive assessment, enabling the state Corporation “Rosneft” to buy a state block of shares of “Bashneft”. On 15 November, Putin signed a decree on dismissal of the speaker because of the loss of trust.

About Dmitry Medvedev’s proposal to the President to dismiss Ulyukayev, officials in the Kremlin and the White house announced. Said only that the Prime Minister discussed the detention of the President and called for a thorough investigation.

In this regard, the human rights activist Alexander Podrabinek expressed doubts about the legality of the presidential decree of dismissal. He noted that the scan of the decree there is no reference to the proposal of the Prime Minister on the dismissal of his subordinate. Submission Medvedev was not on the government website, in connection with which Podrabinek has considered the decree unconstitutional.

The Kremlin has excluded the version of violation of the law in a presidential decree. “There were no irregularities. By law, the appointment and dismissal is made by the head of state, which was done,” — said the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.