The Ministry of agriculture has requested an additional 50 billion rubles to support farmers

The head of the Ministry of agriculture Alexander Tkachev asked the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin with a request to include in the plan measures aimed at the resumption of economic growth in 2017, an additional 50 billion rubles to farmers. This is with reference to the corresponding letter according to “Kommersant”.

As explained to the edition a source in the Ministry of agriculture, the money requested in addition to 216 billion rubles budgeted for 2017 under the program of development of agro industrial complex (AIC), and in terms of Ministry of economic development is inherent only 13.7 billion roubles for support of agricultural machinery.

The Ministry of economy “Kommersant” reported that the appeal Tkachev entered the Ministry and is currently under development.

According to the letter, more than 15 billion rubles— to the Ministry of agriculture is required to increase the authorised capital of Rosselkhozbank, which because of the lack of alternatives to foreign loans not have sufficient resource base for lending, while farmers “in need of continuous funding.” The Ministry of agriculture believe that the increase of the authorized capital of financial organizations additionally provides farmers credit at 60 billion rubles.

Another 14 billion rubles to the Department necessary to support concessional lending, reads the letter. In the budget for 2017 for these purposes, provided RUB 21.3 billion, which will allow to raise about 200 billion rubles of new credits for development of agriculture. According to calculations of the Ministry of agriculture, the allocation of an additional 14 billion rubles will contribute to the recruitment of a further 150 billion rubles of short-term loans for conducting seasonal field work.

Another 9.8 billion RUB (in addition to already required of RUB 36 billion), the Ministry of agriculture proposes to allocate in the form of “single grants” to help attain the targets of regional programs for agribusiness development. The need for this Tkachev explains that in preparing the budget for 2017-2019 were not taken into account the need for provision for laying and caring for perennial crops (1.4 billion rubles) and the reimbursement of part of expenses for payment of insurance premium of agricultural products insurance. Another 7 billion rubles. office estimated a shortage of funds to subsidize interest rates for short-term loans.

Commodity and purchase interventions in agriculture the Ministry of agriculture has evaluated more than two times more expensive than budgeted. To pay for the storage of grain and the interest on loans to Department required additional 6.2 billion roubles to those provided for 4.3 billion rubles.

“Kommersant” notes that in 2016 Tkachev has also repeatedly appealed to the government with requests to increase state support for agriculture.