The Ministry of Finance proposed to increase the minimum retail price for vodka

The draft order of the Ministry of Finance according to which the proposed increase in the minimum rates on alcoholic beverages fortress over 28 percent (except for cognac and brandy), published on the portal

The document provides increase in the minimum purchase price for 0,5 liter of vodka from the manufacturer to 177 from 165 RUB RUB, and wholesale — to 182 174 RUB RUB with the Minimum retail price at the same time, according to the project, will amount to 219 rubles, whereas at the present time is 190 RUB.

The minimum retail price for vodka — a tool against cheap counterfeit alcohol on the market. In February 2015, after President Vladimir Putin’s minimum retail price of vodka was reduced from 220 to 185 rubles. the Head of state then said that high alcohol prices lead to increased consumption of surrogates. Current price is 190. — established in June last year.

In August 2016, the Finance Ministry has proposed to raise the minimum price of vodka. Then it was on higher purchase prices to 180 rubles., wholesale — to 177 rubles, and retail — up to 197 RUB.

As he wrote in September last year, the Ministry of economic development proposed to radically reduce the excise duty on spirits from 500 to 360 RUB per liter of pure alcohol and the minimum price of a bottle of vodka to RUB 136 In the same month, RT reported on the report of the Ministry of industry and trade, which proposed radical measures to reform the alcohol market — in particular, “to develop a balanced excise policy”, intended to price of vodka closer to 100 rubles per 0.5 liter. The Finance Ministry, however, opposed such of these measures.

In October 2016, the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov said that the price of vodka in Russia will not change significantly. “We are now working to prevent the alcohol market of counterfeit and substandard products. This is the most important, so vodka will be cheaper, but will not be much expensive… We will provide the consumer a quality product — that is our task, together with the Net”, he said.