The s-400 in the Crimea why Russia was transferred to the Peninsula new air defense system

To Counter The “Tomahawks”

Anti-aircraft missile regiment, armed with “the Triumphs”, intrudes on combat duty on January 14, handed over to TASS with reference to the press service of the southern military district. The personnel of the regiment had to undergo retraining in August last year, when the exercise “Kavkaz-2016” were carried out training missile launches.

S-400 “Triumph” designed to destroy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, including medium range, and can also be used against ground targets. Range s-400 “Triumph” reaches 400 km SAM this model is capable of hitting targets at altitudes up to 30 km.

As stated by a military expert Ilya Kramnik, the Russian external threat in the Crimea is limited, but “theoretically, the Ukrainians can use the operational-tactical missile systems “Point”. “In addition, in the arsenals of the Ukrainian army, probably still tactical missiles R-17. Their combat effectiveness is very questionable, but better safe than sorry,” said Kramnik.

Also in case of occurrence in the region of the percussion elements of the American missile defense system “aegis”, this complex can effectively counteract them, namely, to reflect raids of cruise missiles “Tomahawk”, the expert added.

Today the air space of the Peninsula guarding the defense systems of the previous generation s-300 PMU, which affects aerodynamic targets at a distance of 150 km from These complexes of air defence (PVO) was transferred to the Crimea in 2014, after inclusion of the Republic in structure of Russia. In addition to the s-300 PMU, in the Crimea there are anti-ship complexes “Ball” and “Bastion”, the su-27 and su-30 passed the “RIA Novosti” in December 2014, citing a source in law enforcement bodies of Crimea.

The appearance in the Crimea anti-aircraft missile regiment, armed with “the Triumphs”, will improve existing on the Peninsula air defense system, said the expert of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Sergei Deniance. According to him, this is due to the increased range of the “Triumph” compared to the defense systems of previous generations, an increased capability to defeat high-speed targets, including missiles, and good noise immunity. The latter quality allows SAM to confront the various electronic warfare systems.

The threat to NATO

Speaking about the political implications of the inclusion systems With-400 “Triumph” air defense system of the Crimea, experts do not expect any escalation in the black sea region. As noted Kramnik, Turkey is likely easily perceive this fact, and opinion of Bulgaria and Romania, few people will care.

As for the reaction of the United States, the location of the “Triumphs” in the Crimea may be the reason for the new anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the us authorities, admitted Deniance. “But not cause” — said the expert.

As previously mentioned the chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, military expert Viktor Murakhovsky, the affected area is spanned in Crimea-400 will be NATO warplanes equipped with system of early warning and surveillance AWACS. That they will patrol the airspace of Poland and Romania to obtain data on the situation in Ukraine, it became known from the official report of NATO in March 2014. Aircraft equipped with AWACS, able to detect aircraft at a distance of 400 km outside the reach of most missiles “ground — air”.

“Building expansion”

The political exacerbation of the transfer of s-400 will not, says the co-chair of the Association of military political scientists Basil Belozyorov. The only thing that may sound from the black sea countries, the expert said, is that Russia secures its expansion in the Crimea.

Direct threats from this complex of Ukraine did not come, said January 13, the Ukrainian edition of “Browser” the head of the press center of air command “South” of air forces of Ukraine Vladimir Kryzhanovsky. “The task of the system [C-400] — air defense, it’s not offensive weapons. So Russia has to say about it — they make it clear that it’s defensive armament,” — said the expert. According to him, Ukraine should worry only about that “in the Crimea, on Ukrainian territory, Russia is seriously digging in”.

The representative of the Ukrainian air force said that according to the Ukrainian military in Crimea no weapons for attacks on other States. “No, according to our information, Russia is nothing like it installed. It’s all easily controlled with the help of satellites. NATO countries, primarily the United States will monitor it,” he said.