Trump has promised to investigate the data on cyber attacks in 90 days

The US President-elect Donald trump has promised in his Twitter that within 90 days his team will make a report about the hacker attacks during the American elections, which, in the opinion of the US authorities, organized by Russia.

“Completely fabricated facts crooked politicians, both Democrats and Republicans is a false news! Russia says that nothing of the kind. Perhaps they [the data. —] it was published “scouts” who knew that there is no evidence and never will be. My men will make a full report on cyber attacks in 90 days!” — he wrote.

11 Jan trump during a press conference admitted that Russia was behind the cyber attacks on the Democratic party during the election campaign. “I think it was Russia, but I think we are exposed to hacker attacks from other countries. We have a lot of hacker attacks”, — he stressed.

Before the press conference, trump, CNN reported that US intelligence in the briefings, which took place last week, has warned Barack Obama and Donald trump that of the Russian special services may be dirt on the President-elect. Sources familiar with the content of the briefings, said that it was about a two-page Annex to the report of “Russian interference” in the elections.

BuzzFeed then published a 35-page dossier of “dirt on trump”, prepared by the ex-employee of British intelligence. The publication added, however, it can not confirm the authenticity of the documents, and pointed out the obvious errors. In particular, the dossier said that “the Russian regime was behind the recent leaks to Wikileaks unpleasant electronic messages of the national Committee of the Democratic party.” An operation was also stressed in the document, “was conducted with the full support of trump and high-ranking members of his campaign staff.”

In the dossier it was also alleged that trump has invited prostitutes to the presidential Suite in the hotel “Ritz-Carlton” in Moscow and the FSB set up a wiretap and hidden camera. In addition, the author of the dossier, wrote that in July, who was then Deputy head of the presidential administration on domestic policy Igor Depakin met with the Advisor of the election headquarters of trump, Carter and Paige told him that the Russian leadership has dirt on trump.

The Kremlin after the publication of the dossier stated that he has no dirt on trump. The trump wrote on Twitter that intelligence agencies “never meant to leak a “fake news”. Diveskin, which is mentioned in the report, said it does not comment on “nonsense and made-up stories” and threatened to sue and will insist, “that in the course of the hearing, invited the person who disseminates such information.”

The day before, on 12 January, the head of US National intelligence James clapper said that he talked with trump about the dossier and stated that “the document is not a product of the intelligence community of the United States”. “I don’t believe that leak did this community,” he added. Trump wrote about the conversation in his Twitter: “James clapper called me yesterday to condemn the false and untrue report, which was illegally distributed. Invented fake facts. Very sorry!”

Later in the day, Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden said that the leaders of intelligence informed him and President Barack Obama about the presence of unofficial data about compromising on President-elect Donald trump for fear that this information could leak to the media and to catch both by surprise. According to him, any conclusions from the findings was not done. Biden said that this information was presented by the chief Klepper as “just an extra” at the briefing where the intelligence reported about the “Russian interference” in the elections.

The Vice President said that neither he nor Obama had asked the intelligence to provide any details. He also assured that he has not asked the intelligence community as the President of the United States, confirm these findings. “In fact, the President had about the same reaction: so what is this something?” — said Biden. In response, the head of intelligence, said: “We feel bound to tell you, Mr. President, because you can hear about it.”