Warning message: why Israel strikes on Syria

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On the night of 13 December, the Israeli air force fired missiles at a military airfield al Mazza, located in the South-West of Damascus, 5 km from the presidential Palace, said the Syrian news Agency SANA with reference to the Command of the armed forces of the SAR. According to the Agency, the rockets were fired from the North of Israel near the sea of Galilee.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Syria has warned Israel about the consequences of “flagrant” attack and accused him of trying to raise the “morale of terrorist groups, the losing on several fronts in Syria.” The command of the Syrian armed forces said in a statement that “the Syrian army is determined to continue to fight against terrorists until their complete elimination and cut off the hands of those who stand behind them,” a statement quoted by SANA.

The military airfield of El Mazza is not the first time exposed to attack by Israeli aircraft. On the night of 6 to 7 December last year from the area of mount Avital, located on Israeli territory in the Golan heights, the aerodrome was launched several rockets of a class “earth-earth”. Resulting in a military facility, a fire broke out, there were no reports of casualties followed, reported news Agency SANA.

Over the past few years, the official Damascus has repeatedly accused Israel of bombing military facilities in Syria. Only for the year 2016 forces of Israel launched about 20 attacks on the Syrian army and Hezbollah. 30 December 2016 the Israeli air force bombed a base of the Syrian army in the suburbs of Damascus and a convoy of trucks carrying along the Damascus-Beirut designed to Hezbollah weapons, said Israeli Ninth channel, citing the Arabic-language media.

The Weakening Of Hezbollah

Israeli military generally does not comment on military strikes on targets in Syria. However, after the first attack on the airfield al Mazza in December last year, the Israeli defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman during the day meeting with ambassadors of European countries, said that his country is making efforts in order to prevent the transfer of sophisticated weapons and weapons of mass destruction, the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, led to him news portal Israelinfo. Israel is concerned that Hezbollah has experience in fighting in the Syrian conflict, which in the future may threaten the security of Israel, explains the actions of the military Jerusalem Post. In December 2015 in an airstrike by the Israeli air force at the Germana district in the suburbs of Damascus was killed by one of the leaders of Samir Kuntar.

Tel Aviv has a negative attitude to the fact that members of Hezbollah are fighting in Syria, gain military experience that can be used against Israel, says the expert of Institute of Oriental studies Irina Zvyagelskaya. Israeli authorities have repeatedly said that will not allow the situation in Syria, which will strengthen their opponents — Iran and Hezbollah, reminiscent of Zvyagelskaya. It was Iran and the Lebanese movement are key allies of President Bashar al-Assad. Israel’s actions are aimed only at protecting its territory, says former Ambassador to Russia Zvi Magen: strikes, most likely applied it on Hizbollah positions, not Syrians, cargo convoys and arms depots, as the stored missiles can be used for attacks on Israel.

The actions of Israel is a warning message to Iran, aimed at preventing the strengthening of its positions in Syria and the region, said Magen.

Source “Газеты.Ru” reported that Russia and Israel have agreed that Israel is every time puts Moscow on notice when his air force intend to operate in Syrian airspace. On the establishment of a mechanism to inform each other, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed during the latter’s visit to Moscow in September 2015.

Relations between Moscow and tel Aviv user-friendly, based on mutual understanding, says Magen. In General, according to him, Israel in the Syrian issue is a wait and see attitude.

Between Russia and Israel there is an understanding that the country can afford to disagree with some things, but not to translate relations into a tense phase, Zvyagelskaya said. In her opinion, Israel’s actions will not prevent the preparation and holding of talks on Syria in Astana scheduled for late January.