The Finance Ministry called the new minimum price for vodka

The head of the Department of tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance of the RF Alexey Sazanov said the details about the new minimum retail price (MRP) of vodka, reported RIA Novosti.

According to him, the retail price of vodka will be below the previously proposed 219 rubles.

“It will be below 219 rubles, I think she’ll 205-210 rubles [per bottle volume of 0.5 liters]. Now the calculations are carried out, but is definitely lower,” said carps reporters on the sidelines of the Gaidar forum at the Ranepa.

“I don’t think the process will be delayed, happened indexation of excise rates. In any case, the current MRC has to change. Think about the level we will decide in the next week or two,” he added.

Earlier, on 11 January on the portal was published the draft order of the Ministry of Finance will be an increase in the minimum rates on alcoholic beverages fortress over 28%, with the exception of brandy. According to this document, the minimum purchase price for 0,5 liter of vodka from the manufacturer will increase to 177 from 165 RUB RUB, and wholesale — to 182 174 RUB RUB with the Minimum retail price at the same time, the project will be 219 RUB.

Later, the head of Department Anton Siluanov said that the publication on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts of the draft order of the Ministry of Finance “was premature.” He noted then that the Ministry of Finance of Russia has not yet developed proposals to increase the minimum prices for vodka and is currently discussing this issue. Siluanov said that the draft order will be published “soon”.

Earlier Siluanov said that raising the minimum price of vodka is connected with the increase of the excise on 20 RUB in 2017. According to him, in 2018-2019 prices for vodka will not be indexed. The decision on increase of the excise was adopted by the government of Russia in 2015 in the course of formation of the budget for 2017.