Assistants trump has denied the information about his meeting with Putin in Reykjavik

Two high-ranking aide to Donald trump has denied the Bloomberg data The Sunday Times that the US President-elect plans to hold a summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Reykjavik.

Both assistant trump spoke on condition of anonymity. One of them said that information about the upcoming summit “wholly erroneous”.

As previously wrote The Sunday Times, trump in a few weeks after the inauguration, held January 20, intends to hold his first trip abroad and it will be a meeting with the President of Russia. Reykjavik, according to the newspaper, the most probable place where meropriyatie will be held.

According to the publication, in an attempt to restore the West’s relations with the Kremlin, the US President-elect will begin work on an agreement to limit nuclear weapons. Moscow is inclined to agree with the holding meropryaty, noted the newspaper.

As pointed out by The Sunday Times, trump intends to hold a similar summit that was held in 1986 in Reykjavik. Then met Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, which is considered an important milestone in ending the cold war.

Foreign Minister of Iceland expressed willingness to host the summit but stressed that the request for the meeting, trump and Putin to the government were reported. “If officials in Washington will submit a formal request for the Icelandic government to organize a summit in Reykjavik, we will positively take it and try to contribute to the improvement of relations between the United States and Russia, mindful of the summit in 1986,” — said the Minister.